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It’s Time to Share Your Clean Living Dream With Others!

If you’re reading this, then I’m going to guess you’re just a little bit curious about how you too can positively impact your family, community & budget by partnering with me in this clean beauty movement.

Why Work WITH ME?

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Allow yourself to finally invest in you!

Curious about all the hype of being a Brand Advocate with Beautycounter. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible opportunity! 

Already know and love this brand? Then why not partner in a way that allows you to earn income while sharing about clean beauty with your community?

This is a really fun, learn as you go, opportunity! And don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start, I can show you how to get started and tailor your business to meet your goals.

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Time to Clean Up

How it Works

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Together we’ll chat through what a clean beauty partnership looks like, how it could work with your current passions while fitting in seamlessly with your life and any type of work you’re already doing. 



Everything you need to thrive in a clean beauty business will be at your fingertips. You can start as fast or as slow as you’d like and I’ll be there to guide you every step of the way. 



It’s simple and easy. Takes less than 5 minutes. You can sign up on your own or we can hop on a call and I can answer questions in real time. 

What's Included?

Your Own personal website

a personalized digital platform that provides you all the tools and resources to support your clients and access all training tools & resources. 

Freedom to make it yours

you are joining a community that educates and advocates for cleaner, safer beauty. You get to cater this work to your lifestyle; working when and how you want to work. 


SAVE 25% off your own purchases. 

EARN 25-35% commission on every order that is placed through your personal link.

NO inventory required. 

ENDLESS growth opportunities

Our Clean Promise

We take safety seriously. Over 2,800 ingredients are never used in our formulations – we call this THE NEVER LIST™ – and we go above and beyond to test every ingredient against our high standards in pursit of clean beauty. 

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Who this Program is for

The Biz Bootcamp Is For you If…

Hear the Success Stories From my team...


“You have been such an incredible encourager and cheerleader through all the ups and downs I’ve experienced as my business continues to grow. I couldn’t do it without you just a quick voice message away.”



“Couldn’t do this without you.That’s for sure! Thank you for all your support as I learn the ins and outs of running a business in the midst of a full and busy life.”


“Becky is an incredible leader. Generous with her time and always willing to share resources to help her team succeed.”

The FAQ's

Anyone can do this work. It simply takes curiosity, a willingness to learn and a love of sharing things you are learning with others. Brand advocates come from every walk of life; teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, architects, health coaches, sport coaches, interior designers, social workers, makeup artists. The list could go on and on. If you are a connector and love people, you will thrive in this work! 

Contact me to find out more details.

The business digital enrollment bundle is $50. However, if you’re an active Band of Beauty Member it’s just $21 to upgrade your status from Member to Advocate. 

Yes, there is a 6 month minimum volume requirement. It is very doable to achieve. However, if that requirement is not met, you simple downgrade to Band of Beauty Member status once your Brand Advocate status ends and you enjoy those perks for the next 12 months. You can also sign back up as a Brand Advocate at any time.

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Want to Learn More Before Joining?

Whether this feels like a no-brainer decision for you or you still have lots of questions, I’d love to chat with you and learn what clean beauty means to you and how it’s impacted your own life. We all have a story and a why, I’d love to hear about yours and what partnering with a brand like Beautycounter would mean for you.