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this list is not exhaustive, but hits on the most common ones! Have a question I didn’t answer? Reach out and I’ll get it added to the lineup! 

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General Questions

Years of staying curious, reading and researching. Studying through my nutritional consulting program. And by surrounding myself with experts in this field who are also constantly researching and learning and sharing what they learn, books they’re reading and new resources being created. A couple of books that I have loved for inspiring a love of living well: Organic Housekeeping by Ellen Sandbeck,  Green Enough by Leah Segedie, Fearfully & Wonderfully Made by Paul W Brand. 

Start with simple things. Low hanging fruit such as; 

– What products do you use every day that STAY on your skin (versus being washed off)? Begin switching those to healthier alternatives. 

– What cleaning products are you using on the regular? Consider switching to simple alternatives, even just distilled white vinegar for basic household cleaning. 

As time goes on you’ll find more and more that you can transition to healthier alternatives. This is not an overnight process, which can be overwhelming and incredibly cost prohibitive. This is also NOT a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE, which means it needs to connect you with a why and be sustainable. 

Because the word clean communicates a lifestyle that has balance and structure. It also captures all the things I care about; a clean and healthy home, clean beauty products that don’t contain health harming ingredients, clean foods to nourish well and promote healing for body, mind & soul.

my sweet friend, Amanda, from Upstreet Photography, LLC. She’s based out of Centennial, CO and does lifestyle, professional & family photoshoots. 

I source them from a local Colorado Organic tea company that has the best dried elderberries I’ve ever used. For the other raw materials in my syrup kit, those are also sourced from a high quality organic herb company (USA), but I was not able to find a local supplier to source thru at this time. 


Currently the only team I’m growing is my Beautycounter team, so the following questions are specific to that brand partnership. 

We are diverse and from all walks of life. We have teachers, pediatric nurses, oncology nurses, doctors, realtors, massage therapists, personal chefs, lawyers, homesteaders, homemakers, mental health therapists, occupational therapists, physicial therapists, professional athletes, photographers, hairstylists, estheticians and more. Each of us united by the common mission of getting safer products into the hands of everyone! 

Yes. For Beautycounter the cost to join as a Brand Advocate is very low and there are often special promos for joining happening as well. Connect with me and I can share the current special offer. 

If you find yourself with a desire to not only use clean beauty products for yourself and your family, but you also can see yourself sharing with close friends & family about clean beauty, then this is for you! If you also want to be apart of a like minded community of people who love health & wellness or just love high performing products AND you’d like to have some more diversity in how you generate income for you family, then this is for you! 

When you join as a Brand Advocate it works on a 6 month cycle. There is a volume minimum that resets every 6 months that is required to stay an active Brand Advocate and enjoy your 25% discount as well as up to 35% commission. If you do not hit that minimum you simply roll back to our amazing Band of Beauty Membership program and enjoy that level of Beautycounter perks for the next 12 months. You can sign back up as a BA at any time. Have more specific questions? Reach out, I’m happy to help! 


Yes. Whether you’ve placed a Beautycounter order, an order through one my other affiliate links or purchased an Elderberry kit, I’m always happy to assist and get you the best help for your issue possible. 

Exchanges are not possible, but returns and replacements are. Simply reach out with what you need help with and I’ll guide you to the best option available to remedy your situation. 

Yes. As long as your purchase was within the last 60days, refunds are possible. Some conditions apply, reach out for more info. 

Yes. Simply connect with me to schedule your virtual consultation. 

It makes no difference for you, cost wise, to choose to shop my affiliate links (Beautycounter, Humble Suds, etc), but it makes a world of difference to me and I am forever grateful to you for choosing to click through my links to support my small business. 

Yes. The brands featured on my website are ones that I know, love & trust. As a bonus for sharing these brands with you, I have affiliate links set up, that help fund the work I do and allow me the freedom to research other amazing brands and solutions to share with you! 

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