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Welcome to my little corner of the internet where you will find simple ways to live a healthier life, while maintaining your sanity in the process! Navigating the world of health & wellness for you and your family can be daunting, let’s do it together!

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I’m Becky and I’m here to inspire you to lean into all the simple ways to live a healthier life. I do this by sharing simple recipes, lifestyle tips & practical ways my busy family builds these habits into our everyday life.
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I love meeting you right where you are on your health journey and helping make the next step on your path just a little less confusing to navigate so you can feel confident as you continue moving forward. I do this through simple label reading tricks to avoid the most harmful ingredients in your personal care products, so you feel empowered in the marketplace. I’ll also share simple recipes that can be made easily at home that nourish and heal. My goal is to show you that healthy changes don’t have to break the bank, but sometimes it takes investing in some areas and then discovering the budget friendly healthy living habits to save in other areas of your life.

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To get you started I’ve developed simple and budget-friendly tips for living healthier, while also investing in the things that matter most for optimal health and well-being. Sign up below and I’d love to share them with you..