Why I Love Humble Suds 

I was introduced to Humble Suds several years ago and quickly fell in love with not only the effectiveness of their products but also how adorably aesthetic they created their packaging. As I learned more about their formulations, how much the founders cared about their health, but also the health of their families and communities as they continued to innovate their products to not only be accessible but also perform well for the needs of a busy household I fell even more in love. A big bonus for me is that they’re also a local Colorado small business and I always love supporting people in my community doing good things for the marketplace! 

Why choose safer household cleaning products? For starters, they often contain harmful and noxious chemicals that can be bad for your health while also dramatically affecting your indoor home air quality. It’s easy to think that the more concentrated and harsh a cleaner is the more effective it is, but when you learn how to clean things well, harsher and more concentrated cleaners are no more effective and can be quite harmful. For my home I prefer gentle yet effective products that are safe to use around even the most vulnerable in my home; pets, small children, immunocompromised, etc. 

Below is a short list of just a few of the harmful chemicals that are found in your average household cleaner.

  • Phthalates (fragrance) – hormone-disrupting and irritating to the respiratory system. Found in household cleaners, laundry soaps, air fresheners, hand soaps, and more.
  • Ammonia – corrosive and toxic to breathe. High exposure from frequent household use can result in irritation of the eyes, nose & mouth, breathing issues, and has been linked to lung damage.
  • Oxalic Acid – corrosive and toxic to breathe in. (the main ingredient in Bar Keeper’s Friend) 
  • Chlorine – considered a pesticide, can cause respiratory distress and when mixed with other chemicals it can create deadly chlorine gas. Found in products like Comet powders, soft scrubs, all-purpose disinfecting sprays, etc. 
  • PERC (perchloroethylene) – a neurotoxin. Found in spot removers, dry cleaning chemicals, and carpet cleaners.

Below is the line-up of my daily Humble Suds go-tos and how I use them in my home! 

  • Humble Suds Scour(™) Cleaning Paste – Just take a tiny bit of the paste on a sturdy cloth and you can tackle anything stuck on or staining a surface! 
  • Illuminate Oxygen + Mineral Powder – the BEST thing I’ve found, without harmful chemicals, to brighten whites and remove stubborn stuck-on stains! While their laundry powder already has some illuminate boosting, this is the full-concentration powder and works incredibly when doing a specific pre-soak! See all my laundry tips.
  • 5 Ingredient Laundry Powder – love this laundry powder. Works amazing. The Sweet Orange + Lemongrass Scent is my favorite, although they also have an unscented one if you prefer no scent at all! 
  • All Purpose Spray – The BEST thing I’ve found to clean my kitchen counters, spray down messes on the floor, or wipe down any other surface in my home! My favorite size is their 16oz amber glass spray bottle and my favorite scent is the Grapefruit + Lemon. I LOVE that they provide REFILLS in small amber glass bottles. Each refill bottle fills TWO 16 oz spray bottles! 
  • Miracle Cleaning Bombs – If you have hard-to-reach, hard-to-clean areas of your home, THESE are what you need! Drop a bomb into your humidifier reservoir and it’ll work out any stuck-on gunk. Have a stained toilet bowl, drop one of these in, let it fizz, swish the product around the bowl, let it rest – overnight for tougher stains – then scrub clean! Have skinny-necked bottles that you can’t fit a bottle brush into? I like to use just a quarter to a half of a bomb for this job. I just gently cut the bomb and drop the small piece into the bottle with some warm water, let it fizz for a while, swish it around, let it soak for stubbornly stuck-on residue, and then rinse clean! They seriously work like a miracle!  

We also use and love their Revival Wood + Leather Balm! The balm is AMAZING on leather shoes and our wood cutting boards! Their gift sets are adorable and some of my all-time favorite things to gift as housewarming gifts for friends & family! 

You can learn more and shop Humble Suds

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